EEE 5373/4373  Radio Frequency Electronics

RF/Microwave circuits. Transistor, transmission-line, and passive element characteristics. Introduction to noise figure, and to intermodulation distortion. Mixer and frequency conversion. Different transmitter/receiver architectures, Heterodyne, homodyne, image-rejection ratio. VCO and Oscillators: VCO fundamentals and basic principles. Feedback view of Oscillators, Crosscoupled Oscillators. (Upper-division undergraduates, Master and PhD students)

EEE 6935  Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits 2

RF models for CMOS and BJT. Discrete vs. IC implementation. On-chip passive components. LNAs. PAs. T/R switches. Mixers. VCOs. Poly-phase filters Radio link budget. Analog and digital modulation schemes. Introduction to receiver architectures. I&Q modulation. Image-reject architectures. Direct conversion vs. low IF vs. super-heterodyne. Sub-sampling receiver. Direct polar modulator. Frequency synthesis using PLL.